The Many Ways You Can Support

Please check all that suit your interests and abilities

Team Plush Fundraising support

🙿 Identify new corporate sponsors

🙿 Help with development messaging

🙿 Recruit your FB friends to support your Lucky Plush peer to peer campaign

Team Plush Production Support
🙿 Support production team during home season
🙿 Wash costumes after performances; repair costumes and props


Team Plush Worker Bees
🙿 Copy edit

🙿 Volunteer at shows (merch, collect donations, subscribe patrons)

🙿 Gather audience quotes

🙿 Stuff envelopes for campaigns


Team Plush Creatives
🙿 Support graphic design for print and digital artwork
🙿 Support photography and video projects

Team Plush Party Planners
🙿 Plan decorations and flowers

🙿 Solicit donated goods and services

🙿 Oversee / chair an auction

🙿 Write announcements and speeches

🙿 Plan the paddle raise


Team Plush Marketplace
🙿 Share your corporate engagement ideas
🙿 Conduct national field research (venues, presenters)
🙿 Research individual donors

🙿 Implement your digital advertising and data collection expertise

Audience Cultivation Cohort
🙿 Upload ideas for audience engagement & fundraising

🙿 Create your own Fan Page
🙿 Tell two friends/Bring two friends
🙿 Help us get the word out about shows, local and national