The Queue

Premiered: Links Hall @ Constellation, Chicago, 2014

Equal parts dance and theater, The Queue unfolds in a fictional airport, where travelers stumble humorously, tragically and awkwardly into each others’ private lives. Created by Lucky Plush founder/director Julia Rhoads and collaborator Leslie Danzig, The Queue finds its influences in early 20th-century forms of slapstick, vaudeville, Busby Berkeley-style choreography, creaky one-act plays and a 1746 farcical play about a family inheritance. These sources and performance vocabularies collide with contemporary dance and the distinctly non-theatrical context of waiting to create a dance-theater production, showcasing Lucky Plush’s signature blend of immediacy, humor and kineticism.

Lucky Plush presents dance theater work that is richly and uncompromisingly layered, and delivers the work in inviting and relatable ways. The company is often recognized for its complex choreography, surprising humor and incisive commentary on contemporary culture. In Lucky Plush, Julia Rhoads has created a company that is committed to provoking and supporting an immediacy of presence “a palpable liveness” shared by performers in real-time with the audience.