Lucky Plush Presents the
Corporate Workshop

The typical team building experience, reimagined!

Foster creativity and innovation at work!

Perfect for movers, shakers and non-dancers.

Join Lucky Plush for our lively and thought-provoking Corporate Workshop to unleash your creative potential and foster an environment that creates innovative solutions. Discover your secret superhero alter ego, learn how to think more creatively, and engage with your co-workers in a completely original way. Our movement-based approach allows you to gain a better understanding of your team members through a shared experience they won’t want to miss!

To preserve a unique learning experience, seats for each custom workshop are limited to 10 to 30 attendees. Rates are determined by group size and duration.

For more information or to schedule your date:

It was one of those workshops that actually leaves participants thinking long after it’s over. Pushing out of our comfort zones through movement enabled us to push out of our confort zones in conversation later. — Workshop attendee

Art doesn’t change the world, people do.
But art can spark the dialogue.

Lucky Plush brings this art and expertise to our original Corporate Workshop program. Our artists have developed a team building and leadership experience that will allow your employees to meet your business objectives while participating in dynamic, playful and collaborative exercises.

The overall benefits to your company and employees make these activities a valuable part of any corporate environment.

Team building has a great ROI!

These workshops are creative, powerful and productive experiences that provide a big return on investment while helping companies meet multiple corporate objectives.

  • Boost employee morale
  • Enable team building
  • Develop and expand leadership skills
  • and capabilities
  • Raise company visibility
  • Celebrate business achievements and company milestones
  • Enhance team
  • communication
  • Unleash creative potential
Lucky Plush Productions (LPP) is a nonprofit ensemble dance-theater company based in Chicago. A unique hybrid of high-level dance and theater, LPP’s work is internationally recognized for its layered choreography, nuanced dialogue, surprising humor and socially relevant storytelling.