"People like yourself and your colleagues represent for me the brilliant new generation of thinkers who have chosen, thank goodness, to dance." - William Forsythe, choreographer

Premiered: The Dance Center of Columbia College, 2009

Punk Yankees is a provocative and entertaining dance theater work that combines live performance, video, and the internet to unpack ideas about authenticity, originality, and the ownership of dance in the digital age. With the controversial nature of dealing with issues of intellectual property, the work takes on challenging topics including sampling, mash-ups, stylistic referencing, impersonation, unconscious theft, lineage, cultural appropriation, and ideas about “fair use” in dance. Featured in the Chicago Reader’s “Best of Chicago 2010” for Best Commentary on Modern Technology by a Choreographer, “the fast-paced, witty Punk Yankees” is fundamentally paradoxical, tongue-in-cheek, subversive, and, best of all, great fun.”

Visit our website StealThisDance.com, a virtual stage for our research and experiments for Punk Yankees, and a place where you can steal, buy, and share some dance moves!