Volunteer Graphic Designer

Nicole Trinkowsky is an Atlanta based graphic designer who is trying to be awesome. Nicole has designed logos and programs for Lucky Plush. We appreciate her greatly!
Her work can be seen at

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Vikas Deo

Volunteer Video Editor

Vikas Deo is a composer, sound designer, and video editor
His work can be seen at

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Mark Anderson

Volunteer Graphic Designer

Mark C. Anderson Jr. is a freelance graphic designer—from Suffolk, VA—who focuses on helping people express their creative ideas. Mark expresses himself in multiple art mediums from Adobe Creative Suite to traditional drawing. His work can be seen at


Samir Nahas

Video Design Intern

After receiving his Bachelor degree at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2013, Samir Nahas spent time in Europe where he worked on various projects for several years. In 2016, he returned to the School of the Art Institute in order to follow the graduate program in the Film, Video, New Media and Animation department. Since then he has been based on the two sides of the Atlantic, undecided between the vastness of the US and the intimacy of Europe. Samir’s practice often revolves around the idea of revealing devices that generate blurry stories. Through extensive walks, fragmented writings and collected imagery as well as objects, Samir tries to weaves the real and the imaginary.

Alan Epstein.jpg


Volunteer Photographer

Alan is a Chicago based photographer currently working on a project called @whatwasforbreakfast where he takes portraits of people and asks what they've had for breakfast. Alan captured promotional images for Rooming House.

alison headshot.jpg

Alison Mansfield

Volunteer Copywriter

Alison Mansfield is a recent grad and aspiring copywriter who wishes she was a better dancer. She works at Edelman, where she is participating in a rotational program and learning the ins and outs of communications marketing. Alison is an Indiana native who loves improv comedy, spending an appalling percentage of her life watching movies, and visiting small, highly-specific museums.

headshot cropped.jpg

Nathan Rennich

Volunteer Graphic Designer

Nathan is a graduate architecture student at the School of the Art Institute. He is interested in the intersections between branding, performance, and spatial studies. Check out his Instagram! It's a veritable treasure trove of design explorations, well framed imaginings, and tactful boasting. You're gonna love it.


Nakyung Rhee

Volunteer Researcher

Nakyung is an independent researcher, specialized in arts policy and administration. Her research interests are primarily the unique role of the arts for the quality of life of individuals and communities. She is dedicated to supporting and advocating for arts and cultural organizations that bring quality art experiences to communities.

Jane Georges.jpg


Administrative Volunteer

Jane Georges is an installation artists, jewelry designer under the name of "Oh And Also", and gallery manager of Silent Funny Gallery. Her favorite color changes daily, she lives by curiosity and spontaneity, and loves cotton candy and bees. Lucky Plush is grateful to have Jane and her beautiful penmenship amongst the ranks of #TeamPlush!



Volunteer Social Media Manager

Margaux Mays is a digital marketing and communications professional experienced in website content creation and management, email marketing, and social media for business. She is an Etsy shop owner and maker of handmade jewelry and accessories, Margaux Bijoux. Margaux is a social media maven, managing social media posts for Lucky Plush!


Rick Ferris

Volunteer Rehearsal Photographer

Rick Ferris is a Chicago based photographer who also has experience in graphic design and product/brand development. His work can be seen at and on Instagram @rick.ferris


Visnja Ostojic

Volunteer Graphic Designer

Visnja is an experienced graphic designer and illustrator from The Netherlands. She started her career at an early age with drawing but ended up specializing in digital arts and she loves it all. Visnja joined #TeamPlush because she wants to contribute to promotion of their events by creating some awesome graphics!


Thank you to all our dedicated, hardworking, generous volunteers!

2015 to present


Clayton Crook - grant writing & copy editing

Natalie Del Ricco - event committee

Laura Flamion - grant writing

Kaitlyn Kearn - graphic design

Arooj Rathore - administration

Laura David - administration

Marisa Otto - administration

Emily Bulger - video editor

Zoe Raegan - website design

Claire Giovani - graphic design

Gabrielle DiRaddo - administration

Harry Waldman - video editing

Susan O'Connell - event committe

Rick Ferris - photography

Marletta Wheeler - board liaison

Kelly Kennedy - graphic design

Vikas Deo- video editing

Juan Marquez - video editing

Lily Chen - graphic design

Michael Boucher - travel planner

William Larimore - graphic design & administration

Magdalena Hernandez - video editing

Shannon Pace - graphic design

Jennifer Edgcomb - event committee

Lindsay Dowling - special events

Maureen McGoorty - special events

Bette Rosenstein - event committee

Hannah Priscilla - graphic design

Andrea Torres - special events

Bianca Umeakuana - intern

Kelsey Hopkins - intern, special events

Leah Zeiger - special events

Karl Watson - special events

Theodore Watler - special events

Leo Miserendino - photography

Sarah Lemly - special events

Rochelle Smith - special events

Summer Griffin - special events 

Timothy Tsang - special events

Robyn Wilson - special events

Amanda Boike - special events

Symone Lewis - special events

Dylan Roth - special events

Shanna Fragan - special events

Kaitlyn Dessoffy - special events