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rooming house

"Over its brisk 75 minutes their light-footed, sometimes cheeky production grows into something expansive and challenging, exploring deeper aspects of storytelling and human behavior." –Chicago Reader



Playful and personal, Rooming House synthesizes contemporary dance and theater to create a dynamic blueprint for exploring the question: what makes a person do something that could have life changing consequences? Rooming House begins with an intimate conversation among friends, slipping easily between Spanish and English, as they recall stories of people who’ve taken actions with potentially devastating costs. When the myth of Orpheus and Eurydice is mentioned, varied interpretations propel the group into a physically and psychologically complex game of whodunit, taking them down a rabbit hole into the lives of everyday people who do extraordinary things—from life endangering rescues, to defecting from Cuba, to letting go of someone you love.


PREMIERE: Steppenwolf 1700 Theatre - Chicago, IL, November 2017

CO-CREATORS: Julia Rhoads and Leslie Buxbaum Danzig

DEVISED IN COLLABORATION WITH AN ENSEMBLE OF SIX PERFORMERS: Kara Brody, Michel Rodriguez Cintra, Elizabeth Luse, Rodolfo Sánchez Sarracino, Aaron R. White, Meghann Wilkinson

ORIGINAL MUSIC: Michael Caskey

LIGHTING DESIGN: Alexander Ridgers


SOUND ENGINEER: Bradford Chapin



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Support for Rooming House includes creation and production residency support from NC State LIVE (Raleigh, NC) and Door Kinetic Arts Festival (Bailey’s Harbor, WI); presentation and production support from Steppenwolf Theatre Company;  seminar support from University of Chicago’s Center for Theater and Performance Studies; additional residency support from the City of Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events and Danza Teatro Retazos (Havana, Cuba); and project grants from National Endowment for the Arts, MacArthur International Connections Fund, Network of Ensemble Theaters, 3Arts, and the Elizabeth F. Cheney Foundation.