Cinderbox 2.0

Cinderbox [is] a visually, kinetically, sonically and intellectually dazzling piece of dance theater that comments brilliantly on the whole process of creating, rehearsing, performing, viewing and critiquing dance. A deceptively difficult work that the eight members of Lucky Plush carry off as if it were the most easeful of long-form improvisations, the piece has a bit of Pirandello-like absurdism about it, as well as plenty of post-modern self-consciousness that has been neatly twisted into the most charming, self-mocking bits of playful humor.” –Chicago Sun Times

Premiered: Museum of Contemporary Art, 2007

Cinderbox takes its cue from the media’s voyeuristic approach to “reality” to explore the comedy and anxiety in our hyper-networked culture. With a specific curiosity in the purportedly unscripted and fly-on-the-wall observational style of reality TV, the work both exploits and makes indistinct the live and virtual, private and public, observer and observed, improvised and choreographed, and the highly presentational and minutely subtle. Athletic choreography, video, dialogue, and a “show within a show” characterize this complex and interactive environment shaped by the media technologies that alter our perception of how reality is generated.